Regal inspired modern living space


Royalty is often regarded as the pinnacle of style, taste and social status. Regal style furniture is a stylish choice for all kinds of traditional home as it simply exudes style and class. Regal style furniture is never going to be an economy option but you will be surprised at how competitively some of our …

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European functional loft style living


Loft style living refers to airy, open living spaces. You often find loft style living when barns or commercial buildings have been converted into modern homes. Loft style living is undeniably cool as it maximises the impact of a buildings original features, loft style living is not particularly family friendly as the open layout can …

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Simple, Stunning, Modern…. Bedroom


We offer an enormous range of bedroom furniture, you will be genuinely surprised at how we can transform a bedroom with our stylish design and products. One of our customers favourite products at the moment are our floating beds, the unique designs add a contemporary touch of class to almost any bedroom. Contemporary design is …

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